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We are litigators, but above all else we are questioners, researchers, and creative problem-solvers.


Founded in 2014, Conway is a boutique litigation firm located in Ottawa. We are experienced litigators, but above all else we are advocates, researchers, and creative problem-solvers. Our mix of unique experience and perspectives, paired with our analytical rigor and intellectual curiosity, creates the right balance for complex litigation. We routinely litigate some of the most sophisticated and complex cases and we are actively sought out by clients to handle their personalized litigation needs.

Our main areas of practice include commercial litigation, public law litigation, and appellate advocacy; however, our firm size and resources allow us to pivot quickly, meaning we have the capability to take on outside-the-box cases.

We take a collaborative approach to every case, providing our clients with a broad perspective, and evaluating each argument on merit and validity. Our varied skill sets complement each other’s, and our collaborative culture allows us to work together to explore novel arguments and potential solutions in order to achieve our clients’ goals.

Clients come to us to because they need a firm who will do it right and do it well. We are the legal team that business leaders, their legal counsel and other trusted advisors turn to when they need advice and practical advocacy skills.