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Community Commitment

We are dedicated not only to our clients but also to the legal profession and to our community.

Community Commitment

At its core, Conway is comprised of individuals who see law as a profession that comes with a unique responsibility to our community. We understand the impact that law has on society. Whether through advocacy, pro bono work, or volunteerism, we aim to advance our impact on the law, the legal profession and our community-at-large in any way we can. It is our duty and our calling.


Our lawyers include:

  • the former Treasurer of the Law Society of Ontario
  • a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario
  • a trustee of the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)
  • several former clerks of the Supreme Court of Canada
  • several former clerks of the Federal Court of Appeal
  • several former clerks of the Court of Appeal for Ontario
  • the Chair, Board of Directors, College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents of Canada
  • two adjudicators of the Law Society Tribunal
  • a director of the Bruyère Research Institute
  • a past president of the County of Carleton Law Association (CCLA)
  • a designated Special Advocate in the Federal Court
  • a director of the Laskin Moot Court Canada Fund
  • a former president of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada

Every partner and associate of the firm takes on pro bono work, including volunteering at the Pro Bono Law Ontario Help clinic at the Ottawa courthouse.

We are actively involved in the Advocates’ Society and regularly contribute to its publications and its programs. Our lawyers stay on top of legal developments by regularly presenting at, and attending, continuing legal education programs and community legal information events. We are frequently retained by other legal professionals to provide advice.

We are also deeply committed to providing pro bono services in a way that contributes to a more equitable society. Many of our lawyers are currently involved or have been involved in pro bono advocacy in the area of human rights, Indigenous rights and constitutional law.